Friday, September 24, 2010

Twister Tool Tutorial for Easy Pinwheels

While at the Quilt Fest in Jacksonville, I watched a demo on a tool called the Twister Tool. You use it to make easy pinwheels. The tool is available in two sizes. One size is large for layer cakes and one size is small for charm squares. It is so easy to do I photographed the demo! I purchased the large size to use with layer cakes (10" squares) and went online to order the smaller size to use with  charm squares.
The example in this demo is made with one layer cake
using the large template.
The first step is to sew as many rows across and down of ten inch squares as you desire. Add a six inch border. 
Next you line the tool up so the verticle and horizontal lines on the tool match up with your seams. Cut out the squares that you have lined up.
Realign the squares into rows and sew them back together.
It's just that simple! I just had to buy the tool, so I could make something fun, easy and beautiful!
The quilt shop that I purchased this from is The Scarlet Thread out of McDonough, GA. Their website is  


Helen said...

Now a girls just got to have this one! Don't you just love a new toy? This one looks such fun and useful too!

There is a craft show coming to Brisbane in October, so I hope they have this one - I'm the ruler queen!! Thanks for showing us the demo - pictures are so much easier than reading the directions:-)

Butterfly said...

Just saying Hello from one quilting Leona to another!


Quilary said...

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while. Thanks for the info about the tool, that will make it much easier to do.